Pachamama Kakao | til ære for Kvinder, moder jord og Peru

<transcy>Pachamama Kakao | in honour of women, our earth and Peru.</transcy>

Pachamama Kakao is created with thoughtfulness, an eye for detail and a great desire to show respect for the soil from which the cacao grows.

Therein also lies a desire to connect you who drink Pachamama Kakao with Mother Earth we live on - and inspire you to let her qualities inspire you to see how magical and powerful you are

Who exactly is Pachamama and why is cacao spelled with -k and not with -c as is otherwise used around ceremonial cacao.
You will find the answer below

Pachamama: Mother Earth and Goddess

Pachamama means Mother Earth in Quechua, one of the original languages of Peru.

Pachamama is also the goddess of fertility and love in the original Inca religion, where she was considered the wife of the sun god, Inti.

She continues to be worshiped today as an important goddess to the people of the original Andes, Quechua and Aymara.

and why cocoa with -k and not with -c?

Sophia, who created Pachamama Kakao, was born and raised in Denmark, where cacao is spelled with -k and not -c as in other languages.

As a symbol of the union between the two countries, Denmark and Peru, which plays an important role for Sophia and which is represented in the product, Sophia has chosen to spell cacao, as it is done in Denmark, and use the original Peruvian name for Mother Earth, as an honor for Peru, our earth and women.

Therefore, Pachamama Kakao

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