Pachamama Magazine | Vol I April / May 2020 | Download for free

Welcome to Pachamama Magazine

A free monthly magazine for you who want inspiration on how to connect more with yourself, nature and transitions in nature over the course of a year, in a way that suits your modern everyday life.

Pachamama Kakao is a wonderful tool and a true ally when it comes to connecting with the heart, finding peace, focus and balance and enjoyment.

With Pachamama Magazine, we want to add one more dimension to your cacao experience. In the magazine, you will find an overview of the full moon and new moon every month, suggestions on how you can work with special transitions in nature. You will find knowledge about the cacao, interviews with the women who grow the cocoa and suggestions for ceremonies, with or without cacao, that suit all time frames - but are mega powerful.

Magazine is completely for free and you can download it by clicking on the image above.

In this first edition you will gain insight into

  • when the moon is full and new and what energies are at stake in that regard
  • the story of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld and what we can learn from her
  • inspiration on how you can work with the energy of Beltane, Valborgsaften, which is one of the eight transitions in the year wheel.

This whole issue is about spring, vitality, fertility and the courage to stand in your own light. Spring is at its peak. Pachamama is at its peak. Juicy and so creative.

I very much hope you will feel inspired and that you, with or without cacao, will find that you have an anchor from which you can connect with the wisdom that lives in nature and in you.

That's all Pachamama brings,
enjoyment, vitality and balance for women in a modern everyday life.

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