Pachamama Kakao dyrkes, høstes og pakkes i Peru

<transcy>Who grows Pachamama Kakao? Peru´s history in a cacao shell</transcy>

Pachamama Kakao is grown, harvested and packaged in a community of 80 families. Each family owns their own plantation, and having all started their cacao production from scratch, planting cacao seeds themselves and caring for the plants until they were ready to be harvested.

All families in the Community own their own house and plantation. Some families consist of father, mother and children, but some families consist of mother and children alone.

Each farmer is responsible for their own plantation. That means they are responsible for the whole process, from caring for the soil and tending for the plants until harvest, to the harvest and handling of the cacao beans after harvest.

A strong part of Peru's history

In the 1980s, there was terrorism in Peru. Massacres were carried out in large parts of Ayacucho province, by an independent guerrilla group trying to recruit farmers to their militants to overthrow the government.

The farmers were, and still are very much connected to their land and therefore the terrorists saw them as easy victims and possible allies to their militants.

When the farmers refused to give up their land, the terrorists brutally killed them. Many thousands of people died in these massacres, and even more had to flee.

The farmers who cultivate Pachamama Kakao are refugees or descendants of refugees from these massacres.

They emigrated from the Ayacucho province and travelled both south and north to find a place where they could survive and live in peace.

Many settled as farmers in the province of Satipo. Here many years later most have succeeded in growing cacao so that their families can live well. 

They can continue the culture of their people to cultivate Pachamama.

Clean line from Peru to Denmark

We have direct contact with our farmers and the community in Peru. Pachamama Kakao is grown, harvested and packaged in Peru and then sent to Denmark. This provides such a clean product, with as few intermediaries as possible - and great transparency for you as a consumer.

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