<transcy>Pachamama Kakao - a modern tool for modern women</transcy>

At Pachamama Kakao, we believe that when a woman is well, everyone around her is well too.

We want to help spread that effect around the world.

We work to create a deeper connection between Mother Earth (Pachamama) and women. We believe that connection is important in a modern everyday life, where we are often so busy that we forget who we really are.

We wish, that as many women as possible, by drinking Pachamama Kakao will feel held, seen and heard

and will live with a sense of, always having help and a tangible tool for vitality, balance, bliss and feeling good when needed.

An investment in feeling good

Pachamama Kakao gives women an anchor that is super simple and at the same time nutritious and delicious.

Just make a delicious cup of cacao and allow Pachamama to fill all the cells in the body.

Drinking cacao does not have to be complicated.

Pachamama Kakao is an investment for women who want contact with their inner wisdom and creativity and who at the same time live in a modern everyday life and world - with many tasks, obligations and roles.

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World class cacao

Pachamama Kakao is 100% pure Criollo cacao. The criollo cacao bean is said to be the original cacao bean.

It grows on Pachamama in Valle del Río (Apurimac, Ene y Mantaro) in the Satipo Province of Peru. Satipo is situated between the Andes and Amazonia, 1300-1900m above sea level.

Here, only organic farming is practiced in nature, where large parts of the original flora and fauna have been preserved. 

The cacao fruit is grown in plantations adjacent to other orchards, because natures network makes the soil rich and nourished. 

The area stands out by bordering up to the Andes, opposed to many other cacao plantations that are located further inside “La Selva”, the Amazon forrest.

The location can be tasted in the cacao. Pachamama Kakao presents itself with a depth, without being bitter, like the Andes mountains and with a soft, feminine and slightly mysterious note, like the Amazon forrest.

Cultivated by people with a strong history

Pachamama Kakao is grown, harvested and packaged in a community of 80 families. Each family owns their own plantation, and having all started their cacao production from scratch, planting cacao seeds themselves and caring for the plants until they were ready to be harvested.

Everyone in the village are refugees or descendants of refugees from the massacres that took place against farmers and the indigenous people of Ayacucho province in the 80s of Peru.

Many settled as farmers in Satipo province and here many years after, most have succeeded in growing cacao plantations so that their families can live well and they can continue the culture of their people to cultivate Pachamama.

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Production with hand on heart

The criollo beans are harvested once a year. Starting in April and until August / September.

The cacao fruits are collected and the pulp under the thick outside must be fermented on the cocoa fruit over 2-3 days.

When the cacao beans are dried in the sun, peel the peel and grind the cacao beans into a paste.

The cacao mass is then chopped into smaller pieces, so that the structure of the cacao and enormously beautiful formations are preserved.

The cacao is packed and sealed by the farmers in Peru and sent to us and you who enjoy Pachamama Kakao.

The whole process is controlled and handled manually, which among other things helps us to call Pachamama Kakao ceremonial cacao.

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We are very happy to be able to offer you a cacao product that is clean, authentic and with a desire to create contact between mother earth and you.