Questions regarding Pachamama Cocoa, use, shipping, wholesale and more


How to pronounce Pachamama

Pachamama is pronounced [Pa - tja - ma - ma]

What does Pachamama Mean?

Pachamama means Mother Earth in Quechua. In large parts of the Andes, Pachamama is worshiped as a Mother Earth goddess who, among other things. among the Incas was seen as the belly of the creator god. She is still worshiped by Quechua and Aymar√°-speaking peoples of the Andes, who consider her the mother of man and animals and the creator of plant food. She is also the goddess of fertility and love. In many places the figure coincides with the Virgin Mary.



What makes Pachamama Cocoa ceremonial cocoa?

The whole cocoa bean is used to make the cocoa mass that makes up Pachamama Kakao. The cocoa beans are fermented and that is what makes it ceremonial. The vibration in the cocoa becomes higher because the processing is minimal, fermentation does not exceed 42 degrees and the whole fruit is used.

Ceremonial cocoa, unlike many other herbal remedies, is not psychedelic. On the contrary, it creates a space for you where you can explore yourself, where against, for example, ayahuasca, San Pedro and mushrooms take over and take you on a journey.

Is there a Shaman who stands and blesses all ceremonial cocoa in the Amazon in Peru? Before it is shipped to Denmark?

No, it's not there.
First, shamans from the Amazon in Peru do not work with ceremonial cocoa. They work with ayahuasca and / or San Pedro as herbal remedies in their ceremonies.

Second, the cocoa does not become ceremonial because it is blessed.
It is ceremonial because it is grown, harvested, fermented and dried as it is. Cocoa in this form contains all the nutrients and thus we can subsequently use the properties that are naturally in the cocoa, for ceremony and daily well-being.

Cocoa ceremonies in general have recently become a Western phenomenon.

What is the difference between ceremonial cocoa and raw cocoa?

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the healthcare world about "raw cocoa". That said, by the given definitions, Pachamama Cocoa can be considered as "raw cocoa"

Throughout the manufacturing process, the cocoa is not heated to more than 42 degrees. This ensures that all the nutrients are retained in the Pachamama Cocoa you buy, which also makes the cocoa ceremonial.

How is Pachamama Cocoa Made?

Ceremony cocoa is made by manual hand and is a highly advanced process that requires presence, time and love.

It is my great pleasure that I have seen all stages of the production and will share it with you here

1. The cocoa fruit is collected when it is ripe and ready to be harvested.

2. The cocoa fruit opens and the sweetest scent meets your nose. All the beans and their pulp are taken out of the shells and come down in large buckets

3. The fresh cocoa beans come down in large tubs. This is where the fermentation process begins. Nothing is added to this process. Stir thoroughly and often in the tubs and keep a close eye on the whole process so that the temperature does not exceed 42 degrees. This takes 4-7 days.

4. When the right temperature for the fermentation has been reached, take the cocoa beans out of the tubs and place them on large tablecloths for drying in the sun.

5. The dried beans are thus cold-pressed cocoa butter and the pure cocoa mass is separated.

6. Then the pure cocoa mass, newly called cocoa liqueur, is collected in blocks that we at Pachamama Kakao, cut for you, with great respect, in delicious pieces, perfect for a cup of cocoa.

How much Cocoa should I use for a cup?

We recommend 25-30 g Pachamama Cocoa for a cup.
This is a recommendation and a starting point.
If you have never tried ceremonial cocoa before, you can start with a little less, if you want to sit in deep ceremony and go deep you can advantageously use a little more.

For Ceremony 40g cocoa can be used.

How do I prepare my cup of Pachamama Cocoa with delicious foam on top?

You will find my favorite recipe here
There you will also find ideas and suggestions for what spices you can play with and also how you can make your cocoa with other superfoods.

What should I mix my cocoa with?

We recommend oat milk. It is very taste neutral and gives a really good foam. You can also use water or rice milk.
If you use almond milk, the cocoa will be thicker - this is a matter of taste

We do not recommend using cow's milk.

Why is Pachamama Cocoa sold in pieces and not in powder?

The cocoa comes in smaller raw pieces, all of which are escaped from a larger block. This is chosen to give the customer the most authentic experience.

Pachamama Cocoa is a connection to mother earth and you get it best if you can actually see shapes and colors in the cocoa - in mother earth - and not just some powder that has been prepared in advance.

Do Pachamama Cocoa Caffeine Contain?

Cocoa contains a little bit of caffeine.
However, this is not at all comparable to coffee or other caffeine stimulants.

Can I drink Pachamama Cocoa when I am pregnant / breastfeeding?

We have had many customers who have drunk Pachamama Cocoa while they were both pregnant and breastfeeding and they have thought it was great.
That said, we as a company can not advise on what is safe or secure for you to do through your pregnancy or breastfeeding period.

In all cases, we will always encourage you to feel for and truly honor your boundaries and the cocoa.

If you feel or have been told that it is safe and good for you to drink cocoa, we are very sure that Pachamama Cocoa is exactly of the quality that ensures that you can use it through this transition of your life. Pachamama Cocoa comply with all rules and regulations regarding cadmium and heavy metals.

What is the durability of a Pachamama Cocoa bag?

A bag of Pachamama Cocoa with 500g gives about 20 cups of cocoa and it can last for a year.

Store your cocoa in a bag or container that closes tightly and make sure the cocoa is stored in a dry and cool place.

Cadmium content

Ceremonial Cocoa contains 0.41 mg. cadmium per kg. Cadmium is present in the soil and can therefore occur in the cocoa bean. In South America, there is more cadmium in the soil and therefore, all cocoa plantations are closely monitored and the content of cadmium in the soil is often measured. This is done by engineers who are trained for just this and who collaborate with and supervise, the individual families who grow cocoa.
From January 2019, EU legislation set the limit at a maximum of 0.80 mg for chocolate with a high cocoa content.


How do I hold my own cocoa ceremony?

Read more about how to make your own cocoa ceremony here

It is really important to emphasize that there is nothing right or wrong. A ceremony is a moment where one focuses energy around a particular intention. The better you are at it, the more you can live large parts of your life in ceremony.

Can I hold a ceremony for others without having done so before?

You can. There is nothing you can do wrong.
There are some frameworks that can be good to set before. I hope you will find inspiration here .

I am a busy woman and my children have high priority, how do I make room for my Pachamama Cocoa cup?

All information about cocoa ceremony is recommendations and not guidelines at all. Our intention is that with Pachamama Kakao you get a tool where you, very quickly, can feel yourself, get back to a sense of balance and for every sip feel pleasure, presence and "to be filled up".

This can be done in motion or sitting. We are so aware of how much it takes to be a woman, a mother and a creator in this world. We honor you.

The most important thing you can take with you is that Pachamama Kakao does not set any rules, but more creates space. Room so that you have more space inside you so that you experience that there is also more space outside you.


Is it possible to pick up the cocoa or should it be sent?

On selected days, the cocoa can be picked up in Odense. However, this only by appointment. Pachamama Cocoa is sent to all of Denmark and Scandinavia.


How do I become a Pachamama Cocoa Dealer?

Contact Sophia via this contact form