<transcy>Pachamama Kakao - 1kg</transcy>

Pachamama Kakao - 1kg

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Comes in 2 bags of 500g

100% pure raw revitalizing ceremonial cacao from Peru.
It is grown on organic small farms, where we at Pachamama Kakao ensure 100% transparency throughout the entire process from cocoa fruit to cocoa mass.

The cacao is fermented, dried and ground into cacao mass in a process that is carefully handled by manual hand force.

When you meet Pachamama Kakao for the first time you will meet a feminine energy that awakens all your senses and calls you present, right now.

All ceremonial cacao from Pachamama Kakao comes in small raw pieces, chopped directly from a larger block.
This gives you as a user a feeling of the pure raw cacao as well as a strong experience with the mother earth itself - that is what Pachamama means - mother earth.