Fra frø til Solstråle: Historien bag Pachamama Kakao

<transcy>From Seed to Sun: The Story Behind Pachamama Kakao</transcy>

Pachamama Kakao is created by Sophia.

She plants seeds of wisdom in women, creating spaces for them to remember who they are, just because they are women. 

Sophia invites women back to live in synchronicity with the cycles of Mother Earth - and thus a nourishing contact with Pachamama.

She believes that when a woman is well, everyone around her is well. Therefore, it is really important that more and more women find space, courage and a community where filling their own cup first and prioritizing what is nourished is supported.

The contact with mother earth can help us remember who we are.

Pachamama Kakao is cut into smaller pieces, like a small piece of mother earth and through that we want to remind you who use Pachamama cocoa how unique, important and powerful you are.

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Pachamama Kakao exists with roots in dreams

She has always felt rooted in Peru. Since she was little, she wanted to live there and marry a man from there. 

Through her life she has watered that dream and another special dream; to create something flourishing like Juliette Binoche in the film Chocolate. 

A source for women of vitality, balance and bliss. 

In 2013 Sophia met her husband Victor, who is from Peru and in 2018 she met the pure 100% cacao, from Peru. 

Pachamama Kakao was created and have blossomed to be that source; A daily stray of sunshine for many women tending for their inner wisdom, choosing vitality, balance and bliss. 

Through Sophia's natural connection with Peru and her husband's origins from there, we at Pachamama Kakao have a close contact with the farmers who grow the cacao and the entire team that works with Pachamama Kakao before it is shipped to Denmark.

With that said, are not only the roots that carry Pachamama Kakao firmly planted in the ground where the cacao grows, we also ensure that there is as short access as possible between the cacao seed to the sunlight in the cacao you drink 

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