Skab en simpel men powerfuld Kakao Ceremoni | Uanset hvor travlt du har

<transcy>How To Create A Simple But Powerful cacao Ceremony at Home | No matter how busy you are</transcy>

A cacao ceremony. What is that?
It is talked about and used by many, but how do you create one at home? What do you need and how do you fit it into your modern everyday life?

Cacao ceremony is a moment where you sit with your cacao and let it work in your body, opening your heart, focusing on a particular intention or simply focusing on the present now.

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You can make your ceremony super simple or choose to include several elements. What is important that you know is, that the cacao works in you no matter how you do it. Do not let the idea that a cacao ceremony requires all sorts of skills, time and crystals in order to happen. The most important element is you.

Step by step: Cacao Ceremony for women in a modern everyday life

Prepare your Pachamama Kakao.
Smell the cacao
Let all your senses awaken

✨ Sit with your back straight in a place that feels nice. Inside or out
✨ Hold your cacao between your hands and lift your cup up to your heart
Take a deep breath and exhale. Center your energy for the moment present
✨ Lift your cup to under your nose, smell the cacao, connect with the journey of the cacao, from seed to your cup, connect with the farmers, their history and wisdom, the place where the cacao is grown in Peru, love, the Amazon…
✨ Name three things you are grateful for
Sip your cacao, taste it in your mouth, let it travel down your throat, down to your heart. Take your time.
✨ Set an intention for your day
✨ Drink and enjoy your cacao, enjoy all the flavor nuances, let your heart be filled. Take a deep breath and exhale. Ready to take that energy with you for the rest of your day

Add and adjust according to time, intention and focus

Based on this simple but very powerful ceremony above, you can add and adjust elements to your cacao ceremony according to your time, your intention, your focus and current daily practice.

You can include crystals that call on you. Either individually or in a mala.

You can use a guided or self-guided meditation which is already part of your practice.

You can include tarot or oracle cards.

You can let music, movement and the use of your voice guide you in your ceremony

You can use intuitive writing and ask questions you want answered and let your inner self and the cacao answer you.

The possibilities are endless.
It's just you who sets the boundaries - and remember,

that the most important thing is that you can always make yourself your cup of cacao, set an intention, look down into your cup, scent the cacao and sip, let it reach your heart and know that you have everything you need inside .

Let Pachamama Kakao guide you.

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