Recipe for a delicious cup of cocoa with Pachamama Cocoa

Already when you start preparing your Pachamama Cocoa cup, the energy in the cocoa starts working in and with you.

You can not do anything right or wrong when cooking your cocoa. It is important to remember.

So let yourself be guided, experience taste, smell and other sensory experiences in your body when you are with the cocoa.
That in itself is a truly enjoyable and enriching experience.

Everything is energy

What is important to keep in mind is that Pachamama cocoa is active.
That is, your presence when preparing the cocoa can be tasted and you can advantageously observe and play with how you experience your cocoa, depending on your mood or focus when preparing and drinking your cocoa.

The amount of cocoa you use to achieve the "cocoa effect" is said to be 40g. Below I have listed what I recommend of the amount of cocoa for a cup in everyday life and for a cup where you want to work deeper.

Amount of cocoa for a regular cup: 25-30g cocoa
Quantity Cocoa for ceremony: 40g cocoa

Pachamama Cocoa is pure and potent in its taste.

I love to drink my cocoa exactly as it is because it tastes great and it gives a feeling of getting really close to nature and really tasting the pure cocoa when no other flavor nuances have been added.

Further down you will find suggestions for spices and other companions for your cocoa - because it is also fun to play with what it can.

Do you experience 100% cocoa as very bitter?

We at Pachamama Kakao are very happy to be able to deliver a 100% raw cocoa, which despite its potency has a sweetness and a natural fullness, which we experience very many really like.

Below is a recipe that I love and that is absolutely basic

2 dl plant milk.

I love oat milk that can be skimmed well

25-30 g Pachamama Kakao

1 tablespoon honey or other sweetener

You can use coconut sugar, agave syrup, panela or similar.

½-1 tbsp coconut oil

Melt it all over low heat. The cocoa must not boil.

When everything is melted to a homogeneous mass,
blend the cocoa in a blender until a delicious foam comes on top.
Serve in your favorite cup and ENJOY!