<transcy>Pachamama Kakao | A piece of mother earth that reminds you of who you are</transcy>

Pachamama Kakao´s high nutrient content, places itself as a superfood.

When you meet Pachamama Kakao for the first time you will meet a feminine energy awakening all your senses and calling you to the present moment. 

100% cacao is naturally bitter. This makes it an intense experience felt throughout the body.

Vitality, balance and bliss

Drinking Pachamama Kakao helps cut through thoughts and mental clutter, opening up for bliss, balance and vitality.

It's like getting a shot of energy and focus without the familiar drop from other stimuli.

Pachamama Kakao creates connection to your heart and increases the ability to listen to your heart. An experience of balance from within will grow over time

This is due to the natural content of so-called "Bliss Chemicals" in 100% cocoa. For example, the neurotransmitter Anandamide (ananda; bliss) is found only in the human brain and in cacao.

Anandamide is excreted when we are feeling good and added further from the pure cacao. A so-called shower of "feel good" experience we can experience when drinking cacao.

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A piece of mother earth that fills you up

Pachamama means Mother Earth in Quechua, the original language of Peru.
The cacao is grown from the original cacao bean criollo, which is rare and exclusive because it is only harvested once a year and requires more time and care, from real human hands.

When you receive Pachamama Kakao, the cacao comes in perfectly carved pieces, where you really get a feeling for the cacao. You see the layers, you experience the color, you feel the energy in your hands and not least, your nose is filled with an intense sensual rich scent of cacao.

When we see beauty from the creation of Mother Earth (flowers, mountains, layers of the earth, waterfalls etc) we are captivated. With the chopped pieces of cacao, we want to bring mother earth close to you, so that you can remember your own creative power, because the very same power that we are fascinated by in nature, lives inside you.

The Satipo area, where the cacao grows, borders the Andes, giving the cacao a power, grandeur and depth from the Andes Mountains, but also a mystery, feminine ingenuity and vibrant movement from the Amazon.

Make ceremonial cacao a part of your everyday life

Like Mother Earth, Pachamama Kakao does not demand anything, she simply makes her abundance available and from there we receive the fruit of her loins. 

The desire behind Pachamama Kakao is to give women a tangible tool that is super simple, delicious and nutritious - but most importantly fills you up and is a source of vitality, balance and bliss and an awakening of the courage to listen to the heart and let the dreams flow.

Drinking cacao does not have to be complicated.

Just make a delicious cup of cacao and allow Pachamama to fill all the cells in the body.

Pachamama Kakao is an investment for women who want contact with their inner wisdom and creativity and who at the same time live in a modern everyday life and the world - with many tasks, obligations and roles.

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There is not yet an official control unit certifying cacao as ceremonial.

Unofficially, however, there is an agreement that certain requirements must be met for cacao to be called ceremonial cacao.

These requirements include that the beans must be sun-dried, production must take place manually without large industrial machines, the cacao must be grown organically and farmers must have good working conditions.

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